Cereal Science

for more diversity in our diets


In the light of the fact that worldwide - and particularly in Europe - the cultivation and use of the technologically well explored wheat is clearly dominating, within the field "Cereal Science" our focus lies on the use of scarcely exploited grains as well as their analytical examination and characterization. From a nutritional point of view there is a broad variety of interesting cereal species such as millet, sorghum, oat or coloured barley, wheat, maize and rice species. So far, the potential of these grains is scarcely exploited, thus, a primary objective of the working field "Cereal Science" is to change that. Special attention is paid to the cereals amaranth and quinoa.

In this context, analytical questions (e.g. which special components are characteristic for each species?) as well as technological aspects are considered to ultimately provide a variety of foods out of the broad variety of grains for the consumer. Since quite a number of these cereals and pseudocereals are glutenfree, a logical emphasis lies on the development of valuable, glutenfree products.


Ass.Prof.Mag.Dr. Regine Schönlechner

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Dr. Stefano D'Amico

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further information about the current research project "PentoGlu", which deals with the improvement of gluten-free dough by a novel hemicellulose network.